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I would recommend Vedainfo to other professional contractors. The staff was very supportive and accommodating in getting me on board a project. In addition, the payments were timely and accurate

Resolution of issues related to work, time sheets, schedules were expeditious.

I would work again with Vedainfo if an opportunity arises.

Vedainfo Inc is a 14 year old IT solutions company.
Our passion is to transform the way business
gets done, with unique combination of world
class service, strategic thinking, creativity
and technological expertise. We design and
build powerful and meaningful IT business
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Geospatial data is data about objects, events, or phenomena that have a location on the surface of the earth. The location may be static in the short-term or dynamic. Geospatial data combines location information (usually coordinates on the earth), attribute information, and often also temporal information.

Much geospatial data is of general interest to a wide range of users. For example, roads, localities, water bodies, and public amenities are useful as reference information for a number of purposes. For this reason, whether collected by public or private organizations, large amounts of geospatial data are available as open data. This means that it can be accessed freely by users, and is made available through open standards. The development and use of open standards within the geospatial community have been heavily supported because of the wide range of uses to which geospatial data can be applied, and because of the large numbers of agencies both globally and locally that are involved in collecting such data.

At VEDAINFO, we implement DWH solutions for enterprises with spatial and administrative data integrated together to help increase their business value.

Spatial data in large volumes can often be redundant. It is extremely important to derive crucial findings from effective analysis of
such data to facilitate effective utilization of time and prevent operational delays.





Vedainfo’s purpose is to contribute for positive change by becoming the trusted partner of choice for customers and stake holders, and achieve global leadership position in select domains.

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VEDAINFO offers a complete DWH solution that not only involves storing and retrieving of spatial data,
but also analyzes, reports and presents it based on specific business value.


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