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In my 40 year IT career, I have worked primarily as a full time employee with one company. In the past few years I have been working as a contractor as the result of retiring from that company. The contract firm I have been using is Vedainfo. I can say that working with them has been more like early on in my career where I had a "real" human resources contact. They have been a partner in all aspects of the relationship. Billing, payment, conflict resolution, and most important they have been there on the phone or email in a very responsive fashion. The comfort factor they provide has taken any worries or concerns and eliminated them in a timely fashion. Vedainfo is a top shelf firm, one I have been fortunate to work with.

I would recommend them to anyone.

Thank you for all your hard work,

Sr. Service Executive

Vedainfo Inc is a 17 year old IT solutions company.
Our passion is to transform the way business
gets done, with unique combination of world
class service, strategic thinking, creativity
and technological expertise. We design and
build powerful and meaningful IT business
systems. Onsite, Offsite and Offshore.




Compensation & Benefits

Veda is a place where your aspirations meet opportunities. In fact, that is how Veda came into being. Veda understands your concerns. Veda has also evolved into an organization who is a solution provider rather than a service provider.
At Veda, we offer competitive pay packages enhanced by outstanding benefits that are tailored to meet the expectations of our employees and consultants. Our consultants get the benefit of high hourly rates that exceeds industry standards.
Some of the major benefits include:

  • Insurance - Our flexible benefits program lets you tailor benefits according to your needs. It includes Life, Health, Vision, Dental Insurance schemes. More details can be availed from the HR department
  • Employee Friendly PoliciesOur employee friendly policies ensures that you maintain a healthy work life balance while contributing to Veda’s success. They include
  1. Pre-interview coaching and Facilitation
  2. Provisions for vacation and holidays including Leave Travel Concessions
  3. Relocation Assistance
  4. Health and Wellness programs
  5. Children Education Assistance
  6. Assistance in availing Visas
  • Career Development AssistanceKeeping the long-term relationship in mind, Veda has well thought out career development programs that can be availed by employees as per the requirement.
  • Performance and Recognition AwardsEmployees and Consultants get their due share of recognition and attractive benefits as per their performance and contribution to Veda’s growth
  • Employee Referral Program As an incentive for bringing the right talent into the organization, we have monetary benefits as well as peer group recognition to enhance employee involvement. For further details contact the HR Department.

To learn more about how you can be a member of Veda Team, send your latest curriculum vitae and experience the difference.






Permanent/ Contract



Vedainfo’s purpose is to contribute for positive change by becoming the trusted partner of choice for customers and stake holders, and achieve global leadership position in select domains.

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