Rose Kadoko


I would recommend Vedainfo to other professional contractors. The staff was very supportive and accommodating in getting me on board a project. In addition, the payments were timely and accurate

Resolution of issues related to work, time sheets, schedules were expeditious.

I would work again with Vedainfo if an opportunity arises.

Vedainfo Inc is a 14 year old IT solutions company.
Our passion is to transform the way business
gets done, with unique combination of world
class service, strategic thinking, creativity
and technological expertise. We design and
build powerful and meaningful IT business
systems. Onsite, Offsite and Offshore.

ETL Streaming



VEDAINFO creates Data Access, Data Movement (ETL), Streaming Analytics and more solutions for Big Data, the Cloud, Relational and non-Relational databases. VEDAINFO is a provider of simplified Real-Time data access, data replication, change data capture (CDC), data management, data virtualization, data migration, and data integration tools. With the widest range of database drivers in the industry more than 150 databases supported, VEDAINFO allows businesses secure read/write real-time access to enterprise data from any platform as if all the data existed in one relational database. Through direct sales, OEM’s, VARS and distributors VEDAINFO is dedicated to transforming how global customers and partners access and manage their data, focusing on universal integration, ease of use, and cost-effectiveness. Support capabilities to understand, integrate (real-time), cleanse, manage, associate, and archive your data to optimize business processes and analytical insights. And combine data profiling and metadata management tools for continuous insight into the quality of enterprise information to optimize processes, and enhance operational, analytical, and data governance.

ETL Streaming




Vedainfo’s purpose is to contribute for positive change by becoming the trusted partner of choice for customers and stake holders, and achieve global leadership position in select domains.

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